Thursday, May 10, 2012

Science Fiction Blues

I am a Christian. In fact I am an ordained minister; I was even the pastor of a church, and I love a good Science Fiction novel.

The problem is the overwhelming majority of Science Fiction today speaks down to Christians. I have stopped reading good authors because they can't help but to take a dig (consciously or sub-consciously) at Christians and conservatives when they write.

As an example a book I have out from the library right now a book that in the first two chapters: Has ridiculed conservatives on the fetal stem cell issue, by looking back in history (from the future) and painting them as backward. Then there are the ubiquitous gay characters shoved in our faces; and finally there is a complete liberal, anti-capitalist misunderstanding of how the commodities markets function.

The author tries to push the notion that speculators are pushing up the price of a certain commodity. This fiction is in the news daily pushed by liberals. If you would investigate how the commodity markets really worked you would find that, speculators make money no mater which direction the price moves; you can speculate that the price will go up or down and make a profit.

As a result I will return a well reviewed novel unread past the middle of the second chapter.

This has been very frustrating!

My library has a large Christian fiction section but I have mainly avoided it since it is overwhelmingly Christian romance with a few Frank Perretti and Ted Dekker novels thrown in. A couple weeks ago I got fed up with the Sci Fi section and decided to wander down the Christian section looking for some a decent Sci Fi novel from a Christian perspective.

What did I find?

Almost nothing...I picked up a book by Kathy Tyers called Firebird, it is a compilation of three earlier novels and is classified as a Science Fiction Romance.(I had started reading before I learned that) Ack! Actually it was rather good and while I recognized the romance theme is had enough action and suspense to keep me involved until the end.

When I finished and returned it I scoured the rest of the Christian section looking for more Sci Fi...only a couple obvious Romances set in the future...the Fantasy was the same way...only Christian Romance.

 What is up with you people?
Can't you write a military Sci Fi novel from even a mildly Christian perspective? How about a good Martial Fantasy?

So come one all you Sci Fi writers out there...don't be afraid of your faith...and if you are not a believer please don't alienate those of use book lovers who are.

Keep your pen scratching,

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