Sunday, April 17, 2016

Writing away

Time for another update.

I have cut back on nonfiction quite a bit, and am working to improve my fiction output.

We started a Sci Fi/ Fantasy writers group at our local library and each month we have a writing prompt  to share with the group. So after three months I now have three flash fiction pieces that I can market.

I have received seven rejections so goal is 100 for the year...YAY! ...This means I am doing something and not just thinking about it.

The people in the group also take turns submitting a longer piece for a more detailed critique...I sent in my 3000 word "First chapter" last night. I like where it is going so maybe this will be something I can run with. I am writing it with a little different process than the stuff I have written before, we will see how it works out.

I also entered a 48 hr sci fi writing contest... They give you a title, line of dialog and a optional scientific theme, and then you have 48 to turn it into a 1500 word short story. My wife and I each entered and we each got different prompts. Tanya's seemed to be easier to write to and I think she did an awesome job with it.

Mine on the other hand had a crazy hard line of dialog (I had to look up the meaning of two words and then try to figure out how they related in the same sentence), I did what I could with it in the short amount of time I had. I have to say I am pleased with the result, even though there are things I want to change the 48 hour time limit wouldn't let me cogitate on the plot flaws I had. We should know the first week of May how we did.

I am still writing some survival/Prepping stuff so if you need something feel free to contact me about it. The nonfiction ain't payin' no bills yet...

Until next time,