Saturday, November 15, 2014

Two and a half years

I have not been keeping up on my blogs.

The reason?

I have been writing so much for everyone else!   That's a good thing right? Well yes and no.

My farm work has suffered right along with my own blogs. I have so much survival and prepping content out there now it is incredible, but it is all for other people.

About 25% of it is under my name, the rest is ghost written. I have two ghost written ebooks out there also. One costs About $8 the other is $20. It has been a fun, if sometimes stressful experience.

I was approached by a print magazine for a couple articles and I made the mistake of writing and submitting them without talking payment first...turns out they didn't pay at that time(they started paying the next issue) I have a cover feature and another article in that issue. At least it is under my name.

I am currently writing for $.05 a word plus any fees and have been kept quite busy. I am still far from where professional freelancers say I need to be in regards to my fees. I started out at $.02 and have been increasing it for new work every time I get busy and people want bids. I have lost some older customers but have more than picked up the difference.

I really want to get into fiction writing but have been kept busy with the demand for prepping articles.

As an example right this minute I have in the hopper...5 -750 word articles, a 1200 word article and a 2000 word article...all due within the next week...this has become my typical workload.

I had a series of trapping articles (8) that I really enjoyed writing, with a few more (hopefully) in the works.

I am considering completely rewriting one of my ebooks and publishing it for myself.

I also have in the works "Trapping for Preppers" a guide to animal trapping for preppers.

That about sums up what has been going on.